Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What do I think about gay marriage?

Thank you for asking! Often, it's assumed that, as a very out, serial monogamist lesbian, I must be in favor. After all, I had a commitment ceremony back in '96 (and like so many of my straight friends, found myself single nearly ten years later), and I loved it. I loved the ceremony, the party, the gifts--the whole shebang!

So, why not be in favor of gay marriage? Well, let me put it this way: I am not opposed to gay marriage. But I ain't gonna work to make it legal. And rather than me blundering through trying to explain this, I turn it over to the folks at beyondmarriage.org. Susie Bright discusses the group's position in her blog entry for today, as well as a recent editorial touting the extreme radicalism of some of us queer folk.

That said, I'm still looking for that long-term, monogamous relationship, the one in which my partner and I grow old together, argue, work things out, defend each other and comfort each other. I believe in it. I can believe in the historically contingent nature of romance and commitment AND I can believe in its values and joys.

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Sing it, sister.