Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Walla Walla: A Quick Report

So, I know you're all dying to hear: How was that reunion?! Actually, I had a wonderful time--I got to spend lots of time with K, my oldest friend (we met at church when we were about 12), who put me up in Seattle and then drove us to Walla Walla and back. The weather was fabulous--clear and warm in the days, cool at night. In Walla Walla, we stayed with the college professor I wanted to be when I grew up, despite her best efforts to dissuade me. And we're nothing alike, except for liking teaching. And she thinks the people in my diss are fun.

Much hilarity ensued when we met up with B & P, attorneys at law. I mean, my college boyfriend and his partner of 20 years. (That *still* sounds like a law firm!) Okay, we went on, like, two dates, but it makes for a better story. Anyway, B always cracks me up. His impression of the Safeway lady (a lovely human being, I'm sure, whom I hope has taken all the impressions of her over the years as a compliment, and whose name I'm withholding for privacy) had me nearly peeing my pants on Boyer. Which would have been a really classy way to head to the reunion dinner, donchathink?

(I was, however, disappointed that the person who does THE BEST Safeway lady impression ever wasn't able to attend. Mayhaps she will call me sometime soon and leave that message on my voice mail. That way, I could pee my pants whenever I needed to.)

Okay, so here's a fun part: K & I met up with B & P... Oh, I can't do this. Let's call them Kawena, Blade, and Philander. Anyway, the four of us went to the lovely GLBTQ (that last letter is for "questioning") breakfast, a regular event held primarily so that the young folk can listen to horror stories and feel superior. Which meant Blade and I were giggling up a storm relating my Coming Out in the Dining Hall. I was most annoying then. Well, all right. Still.

We also hung out with two other friends (I'm running out of pseudonyms), both members of my sorority (may our chapter rest in peace), and who are two of the coolest people I know. Like, they travel and read books.

The piece de resistance: The Reunion Dinner. Held at what Favorite Prof refers to as The Poconos Honeymoon Palace. Just imagine one of those lodges recreated a la Disney. Yeah. So, they offered a shuttle service, and since we were drinking, this seemed advisable. Except, the yellow school bus didn't get us there til nearly 8, and then it was too big to get up the rest of the driveway, so we were supposed to transfer to a smaller shuttle. Except, some of us (okay, me and two of the Gang) decided to hike up through the vineyards...did I mention that the Walla Walla Valley has remade itself as the wine capital of the Inland Empire? Anywho, in the dark, we're hiking up this hill, occasionally stepping onto soft spots of earth that have been excavated by happy moles or gophers.

And when we got to the top? Half the lights were out on the party canopies covering the various feeding stations, so that over half the grounds, one could barely see a foot in front of one's face. HIGHlarious, particularly when one is attempting to read name tags. We found ourselves huddling around a table, with one or two of us occasionally scurrying out to forage for catered foods.

And when we decided to cut our losses and leave? No sign of the yellow school bus. We sat about under the stars and contemplated who we would eat first. (The weakest, who recently had surgery, was selected. He made a break for it early on.)

And that, people, is my report for today. Off to catch a plane to Louisville to hang with Dr R and our good friend Dr B, and to explain how come tv makes us so smart. And what that means in the writing classroom. Gotta always add that last bit.

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Dr. Write said...

Sounds like a ridiculously fun adventure. I don't think I'll be going to any of my college reunions, because they won't be anywhere close to that fun.