Thursday, September 21, 2006

I've got those lack-of-good-customer-service blues...

Everybody sing along!

Oh, the HR department
mucked up my mailing address
Oh, yeah the HR department
mucked up my mailing address
And now my stuff's all mixed up
I ain't got no prescription coverage card

Oh, Vonage stuck me with a big fee
Yeah, I know it's my own fault
Oh I gotta pay a disconnect fee
Yeah, it's my own darn fault
But the service didn't work for me
Like I thought it would

Oh, the cable in my apartment
it's really quite a mess
Yeah, they just don't mention the little things
it's making quite a mess
He's gotta drill another hole in the floor
and I had to quickly make my bedroom presentable
(I wasn't planning on having the cable guy in there)

Oh, it's not the things that go wrong
it's the way they get cleared up
No, I can deal with things not going right
but please please help me clear them up
All I want is a friendly voice, saying, "let's see what we can do!"


heather s. said...

It shocks me that most managers don't seem to train their staff to apologize to customers. As in:

"I'm sorry that your steak was overcooked. Let me take care of that for you."

"I'm sorry we mailed your life insurance policy to god-knows-where. I will send out a new one to your correct address immediately."

Dr. Write said...

Clearly you need to write a letter. Or more than one.