Sunday, September 10, 2006

Good Times at the Golden Harvest Festival

A wonderful time was had by all (well, at least the three of us--me, GF, and son) at the Beaver Lake Nature Center. Lots of entertainment, cool crafts being sold, free cheese samples, a hayride through the woods, and free canoe rides on the lake. And we saw three bog turtles along the far side of the lake, basking in the sun. And lily pads with beautiful white flowers. And...well, suffice to say, it was great. I even began to remember how to paddle a canoe properly. Sort of.

This big sponsor for the event was Heluvagood, makers of some of my favorite dairy products. (And since I'm a huge fan of the dairy products, that's saying something!) Over near the aforementioned free cheese distribution booth was a life-sized stuffed version of their mascot, who in that incarnation looks strangely like my father, down to the beard, baseball cap, overalls, and flannel shirt. So, here he is: my father as dairy mascot, a role he wouldn't mind, particularly if he got free cheese and dips out of the deal!

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