Saturday, September 02, 2006

Entymological Wit

So, I know bug people can be witty and intelligent, since a friend of mine from college is one, and she's brilliant and fun, but this guy's going for the cheesy humor:

In a discussion of research on why mosquitoes to prefer about 1 in 10 folks over others, Joe Conlon, PhD, technical advisor to the American Mosquito Control Association, notes, "There's a tremendous amount of research being conducted on what compounds and odors people exude that might be attractive to mosquitoes." However, there's still a lot of research to do. He adds, "Researchers are just beginning to scratch the surface," he says.

Get it? "Scratch"? What a card.

Now get busy and figure it out, because I'm one of those 1 in 10. Those bugs love me. As do fleas, spiders, you name it. I'm tasty goodness in their eyes.

(I was going to crack a joke about the whole 1 in 10 thing--like maybe bugs just like lgbt folk. But then I remembered how many times I'd be right next to a significant other, and I'd suddenly be covered with bites, and she'd say, "Really? I hadn't noticed.")

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aerobil said...

I like to say they love me because I'm so damn sweet.