Friday, August 04, 2006

Road Trip Rendezvous

So, The GirlFriend (hereafter to be known as The GF) and I are taking our first trip together--a weekend excursion to The Big City. And we'll be staying in Brooklynwith a college friend of mine and his partner, which means details about my early adulthood obnoxiousness are going to be revealed. So there's a double whammy: she gets to see what I'm like for several hours in the car (I drive like an old lady and I sing loudly and offkey with CDs) and she gets to hear some dirt. I am excited to be going away for the weekend, but also understandably nervous.

So, in the interests of heading off all embarrassment at the pass, I give you, said college friend and I at the ripe ages of 20 and 19. Note that the identity of the man in the white suit has been concealed. Not because he regrets the white suit (well, he might), but because I do not have his permission to emblazon him across the internet. Or, my little corner of it, at least.

One thing this photograph taught me: sheer black dresses require proper black lingerie. A caucasian-toned camisole will leave you looking a bit nekked beneath your clothes. In addition, if you're curvy, a dropped waist (even a snazzy, ca. 1983 piped asymmetrical dropped waist) does nothing to enhance your figure. My hair then, as now, owes everything to mousse, that brilliant invention of the 1980s. What did we baby-fine-tressed folk do before it?

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tyra said...

u r so cute omg!!! :)