Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Road Trip Redux

So, the Big City Road Trip went off with nary a hitch. I did sing along obnoviously to the Eurythmics' Greatest Hits, but Ms GF did almost all the driving (I only told her to slow down twice, and only once actually referred to her driving), and also received most of the grilling.

See, one of our hosts enjoys asking probing personal questions, and he smelled a good story. Of course, he always claims he's not interested for himself, but only asking on behalf of his partner. I plan to take up this strategy in future, blaming it all on Maddie.

Saturday afternoon we attended an afternoon of one-acts courtesy of The Riant Theatre's Strawberry Festival--interesting and entertaining plays, all. Then we meandered through Greenwich Village for a bit before returning to our hosts' gracious home for a late dinner of Mexican food and interesting conversation.

Sunday morning we lounged in bed terribly late, undisturbed by small persons or animals--truly a luxury! We were sorely tempted by an invitation to attend Black Gay Pride on the beach, but hit the road home, stopping briefly in Jersey City for iced caffeine.

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