Wednesday, August 30, 2006

One sick puppy

No, not John Mark Karr.

Just me. Little ol' strep throat me. That explains all that blogging yesterday--I was home and couldn't do much else. When the symptoms continued to get worse over night (I love getting up every hour or so to gargle with salt water, then attempting to doze, only to wake myself up in pain every time I swallowed), I headed off to the urgent care center bright and early.

Okay, so at a reasonable price, they got me some antibiotics and a prescription for a heavy duty decongestant, but still. Bedside manner that nurse practitioner did not have. Ah, you say, but these are busy busy places, so they can't be as attentative as we might like. Bullpucky. I was the first and only client, and they were standing around chatting. (Standing around chatting is a perfectly reasonable way to start the work day--just not when there's a client.)

So, this nurse practitioner guy barely introduces himself, rattles off a bunch of questions regarding health history (the last question--oh so witty--being something to do with bad boyfriends). I wasn't amused. But I was too tired and feverish and whimpy to get mad, either.

So, I'm home now, and I've cancelled my office hour and classes (great start to the school year, eh?), and I've been promised some comfort later on today. Yesterday, GF & Son stopped by with presents, which was unexpected and lovely--a beautiful bamboo wind chime, a lavender-filled pillow, and this. Clearly, they know my eclectic tastes, yes?

Time for my saltwater gargle. Yum.

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