Sunday, June 04, 2006

X-Men 3, or how I learned to love psychoanalytic film criticism

Oh, it just cries out for it! At first, it felt like a shallow allegory for various civil rights movements--the integrationists vs. the rebels. Once the "cure" was introduced into the plot, the parallels with the disability rights movement's various conflicts and factions was obvious. But then, the plot began to revolve around heterosexual romance: the triangle between Jean, Logan, and Scott, Magneto's (a name that cannot be pronounced well) rejection of Naked Blue Woman (clearly I'm not a fan--it's Rebecca Romijn in weird body makeup).

And then, at the end, well...suffice it to say, it's so straight out of a Laura Mulvey critique that you'll laugh while cringing.

So, I guess it's true: those hets can take over anything.

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