Tuesday, May 09, 2006

the susansinclair index

One of three: The number of "finals" (read "portfolio-turn-in-eat-some-cookies-talk-about-fun-stuff" sessions) I've held thus far.

Two: Students who failed to show up for todays "final."

3.5: The number of days Ms J has remaining at her current job (she announces the number each evening).

120: The number of thryoid pills Ms J purchased for one Miss Madelina Tanglefoot. (Thanks, Ms J!)

15 percent: The amount of free extra spray cheese in a recently purchased can to assist Miss MT in taking said pills.

7.5: Number of days 'til the movers show up to whisk my things away to Syracuse.

Four: Number of cosmos I plan to drink during the end-o'-the-year dinner with fellow English Department Faculty.

$12: The cost of the cab to take me home after drinking said cosmos.


Anonymous said...

1) Cosmos are disgusting, but they are pink. see friendster hometown = galveston, texas.

2) One of the Indigo Girls is a mommy at my kid's school.

3) Why is it called queer theory instead of whatever else theory?


senioritis said...

Syracuse eagerly awaits your very-soon arrival!