Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Rhetors to the Rescue!

HRH and I, following the brilliance of Action Boys, have decided to start our very own rhetoric comic book. A team of rhetorical scholars, endowed with super-analytical powers, will be called upon to save the world on a regular basis from all sorts of crises. Coordinating these superheroes will be Kenneth Burke's head, preserved in a jar (kinda like on Futurama), and he of course will consult with various other brilliant minds as needed.

Applications are now being accepted for membership on the team. My superpower, of course, is the ability to use pop culture metaphors to explain difficult concepts to ordinary citizens. Others?


aerobil said...

Um, my super power could be my ability to remember 50 students' names by Day 2.

susansinclair said...

That *is* a superpower!

Candace said...

My only Superpower is to explain to clients at the vet clinic that their precieved emergancy is in fact NOT an emergancy...does that count?
I can offer up Patrick as a cartoonist.

susansinclair said...

Ah, but that *is* an excellent superpower: the ability to persuade individuals to put events in perspective!