Monday, May 22, 2006

Local Boy Makes Good

I always enjoy stories about folks from my part of the world who go on to do cool things. I suppose we all do. So I was reading a story today from the Seattle Times about Rainn Wilson, who plays the obnoxiously officious assistant manager on the US version of The Office, and who was creepily fabulous as a funeral directing intern on Six Feet Under. But here's what made this story the coolest--beyond the fact that he went to a rival high school and all that:

"He grew up in Lake Forest Park and attended Shorecrest High School until he was 16. His devout Baha'i parents got jobs in Chicago at the Baha'i National Headquarters. (Wilson also is a follower: "I give a big Baha'i shout-out to my Seattle Baha'i peeps!") He then returned to the University of Washington, where he graduated with a degree in drama in 1986."

See Amy, cool people do use the word "peeps." Yeah.

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