Monday, April 03, 2006

Here's my right arm

...because that's what I'd have given to be able to take these courses as an undergraduate:

2. FALL 2006 LGBT Studies Minor Course Offerings

QSX 112 Sexualities, Genders, Bodies (core course)
AAS 200/400 Gender, Race and Sexuality in the African Diaspora
CFE 300 Queer Kids, Straight Schools
ARC 500.1 Space and Sexuality
WSP 438 Trans Genders and Sexualities
WSP 400 Negotiating Differences: Coming of Age

Let's hear it for the wonderful faculty and students and administrators and support staff who made it possible for Syracuse University to offer an lgbt minor with such cool classes. And May I note that the first and fifth are being taught by Minnie Bruce Pratt. Wow.

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