Monday, March 06, 2006

Birthday Recap

Here are the many ways I celebrated my birthday:
1. My eldest sister (the chef/gardener) called and sang Happy Birthday on the answering machine. Which was very sweet. And in fact this reminded me of the fact that she not only inherited our father's big blue eyes, but his ability to sing on key. Unlike the other sister and I, who can sing in the vicinity of the key and with great enthusiasm Which is wonderful in its own way. (Other sister gave me my birthday present at Christmas--a CD by Brandi Carlile. Excellent life-soundtrack material when played via MP3 directly into one's ears.)
2. Ms J made me a fabulous birthday cake: two layers of yellow cake with creamy chocolate frosting. Which we finally finished eating yesterday. Yum.
3. My father sent me a lovely card with the usual enclosures: a cartoon from his cartoon-a-day calendar and a birthday check. Yea for both!
4. Went shopping Friday in The Big City, ostensibly to return some items but really to spend a little birthday money. Purchased one fab pair of black dress pants with alternating white and blue pinstrips from Ann Taylor Loft. Fondled many other pretty things at stores. Planned to walk many blocks to H&M, that chapel of faddish things, but it was too. damn. cold. So hopped the subway back to Herald Square and shopped at the Cathedral of Department Stores, Macy's. Purchased one lovely navy cardigan, one black rayon tee, and one off white short-sleeved sweater. (My office is hot hot hot, so must dress in layers.)
5. Ms J, Dr B and I headed into The Village Saturday night for a WONDERFUL dinner at Torino's. Good cosmo, yummy entree, and dessert to die for: warm chocolate suffle (I pronounce that "SUFF-il") with vanilla ice cream and tiramisu.
6. Thus ends birthday 43. And a fine one it was.


Michael Lasley said...

Nice birthday, sounds like. I'm jealous of your trip to the city. Mikey

senioritis said...

Macys. Maaacys. Mmmmmmaaaacys.
Happy birthday!