Sunday, February 19, 2006

Jonesing for some cuteness?

Above are two big doses of cuteness. One, of course, is everybody's favorite Panda Boy, taking a nap on his favorite tree in the snow. (There are more pictures of him playing in the snow, including a lovely one with his mom, on the National Zoo's website.) The other comes from the San Diego Zoo, where keepers have paired a Mastiff puppy with a lion cub that's had to be hand raised after a being delivered by c-section last fall. This link will take you to the video library of that zoo, which has tons of fabulous stuff, from a baby tapir taking a swim to polar bears playing in man-made snow last fall. So have some cuteness, and treat your late-winter brain to a lift!

1 comment:

aerobil said...

Belly wants a lion cub! Belly wants one!