Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Recurring dreams, over and over again, repetitively

No, really. Dr R asks for help in resolving her own recurring dream troubles, but I fear I still dream regularly that I'm working for the library, where I spent several years (following PhD attempt A and PhD attempt B).

The dreams vary in detail, though not in substance: I'm working at the library, but apparently in my absence they've changed the computer system and other procedures. Last night was the usual--I was unable to operate the computer in order to check books out to someone. Menus had been changed, and apparently library cards had been changed to some sort of "speed pass" tag. One of my earliest post-library dreams featured keyboards that hung from the ceiling and looked much like pineapples.

The library staff are often strange cartoon versions of the folks I knew there (many of whom are still doing excellent work at one of the busiest libraries in one of the most library-happy states). And of course they're often unhappy with me and my incompetence.

No, no significance there. No meaning at all. Sometimes a banana is just a banana, Anna.

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