Monday, January 16, 2006

Oh, and Amy...and then...

Aerobil finds it particularly annoying/amusing talking to me on the phone, because I'm so easily distracted by shiny objects. Like the computer or TV. So, here, in deference to her brilliance, I shall devote two remarks directly to her:

1. Trident Watermelon Twist ain't all that. Now, the bubble gum, that's pretty good.

2. I had the med school dream again last night, where I'm a horribly unprepared med student who doesn't even know how to give an injection, much less diagnose anything. And I'm left alone with a patient who has something in her eye, and I'm trying to help her, but it turns out she's just flown in from some African country, and so I go to try to retrieve her luggage but the airline people will only give me $23, and then I get back to her and it turns out she's really a large, intelligent insect, and I don't know anything about how insect eyes are put together. And then she becomes a med student, too, and we're all in the lounge with the rest of the cast of ER. The end.

I'm not sure that beats a dead squirrel bouquet, but there you go.


aerobil said...

but the real question is this: Did you try blowing REALLY BIG BUBBLES with the trident watermelon? Huge!

senioritis said...

Yes, that was a remarkable feature of the watermelon. I was amazed.
As for dreams: I'm not sure whether this beats a squirrel bouquet, either. But I am completely sure that you two have the weirdest dreams in America.