Sunday, November 06, 2005

Retiring the PDA

Well, campers, I came to a painful decision this week: my old PDA just don't cut it anymore. Because it requires me to sync by plugging it in to my computers, and because now we have two computers at home (desktop and laptop) plus my work desktop, there are simply TOO MANY computers with TOO MANY versions of my calendar & to-do list.

No doubt there are many wonderful tools out there that can sync painlessly and wirelessly and cater to my every whim, but I just can't afford one right now. So, rather than continuing to feel overwhelmed and disorganized, I have gone back to paper. Shocking, I know. But it's portable and managable.

Some I know have found more elaborate paper- and computer-based tools to help them keep their lives in order, but after glancing at some of those Systems, I decided I'm just not ready for the commitment. A weekly calendar and to-do list will have to do for now. To do. To-do. Doobydoobydo.


Krista said...

You know, I never have been able to convince myself to go electronic with the schedule and to-do list. I get too much pleasure out of the act of writing things down, and of pens and paper and whatnot. It seems sort of paradoxical for an internet scholar, but I’ve decided to quit worrying about it.

madeline said...

Have you seen Merlin's Hipster PDA?

My kind of cheap-o, low-tech, writer-ly stuff. :)