Saturday, November 26, 2005


Following aerobil, I want to offer thanks for Thanksgiving, which was a lovely if small celebration of families of choice here at Gothic Towers. Dr B (known to his friend's pets as "Uncle Paul") joined us bearing a lovely bottle of Chardonnay at a tasty blueberry pie, and, of course, a bag of goodies for Maddie the Wonder Dog. Who thinks he walks on water.

While the potatoes were a bit weak, the turkey was incredible, thanks in part to a lovely glaze recipe I found online (mostly white wine Worcestshire Sauce and honey and rosemary and onions). While dining, we watched the amazing and hilarious Alec Mapa (you can see his one-hour comedy special on Logo), followed by a game of Scrabble, in which yours truly skunked the competition.

Blame it all on aerobil and playing Scrabble with the computer.

Oh, and our cats don't much go for turkey. Freak.s

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madeline said...

oh--I miss you! and Paul! You guys give one another hugs from me when you see him next!