Tuesday, November 15, 2005

How Maddie and I contributed to the death of a squirrel

Not an auspicious start to my day, though, of course, Maddie didn't mind at all. We were returning from her morning stroll (aka "Potty Walk"), when we spotted a squirrel by the curb, between parked cars. I had Ms. Maddie on a tight leash, so she didn't chase the squirrel, but it was startled by our appearance and dashed into the street.

Where it was struck by a passing vehicle.

And suffered an immediate and fatal neck injury.

I found a plastic bag and picked up its still warm body, the little heart still beating its last rapid beats, and deposited in a nearby trash can.

Not an auspicious beginning, at all.


aerobil said...

Something very similar happened last night on Medium. Not a squirrel running out into the street, but a person. Did you at least give Maddie some credit for the kill?

susansinclair said...

What--like a notch on her leash?

aerobil said...

Yeah--or just let her brag about it to others. I'll tell Belly. She'll be jealous.