Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Hipster PDA and why I like my new planner

academom suggested I check out the Hipster PDA over at 43folders, which I have, but I'm not sold. I need a weekly and monthly calendar, and I'm not sure I can really accommodate that in the HPDA format (though folks are being incredibly creative). However, checking that out led me to my new favorite place: D*I*Y Planner. It combines the ready-made-planner (I heart office supplies) with tech savvy (both high and low) to really make the planner individualized.

Y'know, the HPDA also reminds me of Kinsey Milhone, the able detective penned by alphaphile Sue Grafton. Kinsey uses 3x5 cards to figure out cases, shuffling and rearranging bits of information on cards to help her make sense of a complex situation.

It also reminds me of the cool strategic planning activities Ms J has done with sticky notes, which I've reappropriated for my own composition classroom needs.


aerobil said...

I too heart office supplies. Crayons and post-its and sharpies, oh my!

senioritis said...

I organized my doctoral dissertation by shutting the cats out of the living room and covering the floor with index cards arranged in hierarchical trees.