Monday, October 03, 2005

10 Things I've Learned Of Late

A response to and digression from Fear & Trembling's list...

1) F&T says, "Cutting a 25 page researched essay down to an 8 page conference presentation is far worse than writing a new 8 page conference presentation from scratch [...]." Apparently this is something we all have to learn individually. (Ask aerobil. )

2) Nicknames for our cats include "Rupie Boy," "Chunky Monkey," "Love Monkey," and "Your Royal Fatness." None of which have I ever used to describe my writing.

3) "2 slices of Boston Cream Pie eaten within 20 minutes of each other will make you feel like your gut is going to explode." As will an entire double cone from Gannon's. But isn't it good?

4) Our cats are nipheads. Stoner nipheads. They love the weed, man.

5) Aging dogs will not see the squirrel two feet away, scuffling through the leaves in the cemetery in search of acorns. Such a dog may, instead, continue to snuffle and snort like the Pig Dog she is in a pile of leaves said squirrel was in ten minutes prior to our arrival.

6) The cicadas have left our neighborhood, a sure sign of fall. Apparently, to see a cicada up close and personal, we had to move to the Big City, where on one of our first nights, a giant bug suddenly alit on the window screen, scaring the bejeezus out of us. Very bad SciFi Channel stuff.

7) Buying a home in Jersey City radically shifts one's sense of "reasonably priced."

8) Because it's been cool enough to have the windows open at night, I begin to wax nostalgic for the uneven hum of the air conditioner, as opposed to the nighttime silence punctuated by sudden cacophany (e.g., car alarms, or honking, or sirens, or honking, or someone using the "walkie talkie" function on their cell phone...).

9) The verb "wax" appears in both mine and F&T's entries, and I didn't even plan it.

10) I need to remind F&T that exam reading need not fulfill all her intellectual needs for the coming year or years. In other words, ADD NOTHING!

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Jonathan Benda said...

Hmmm... I dunno about number one. I've tried both, and to me they're equally painful.