Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Annoying my fellow tenants

No, not our condo neighbors (though the guys across the hall are moving to Florida, but I think that's just because they want to, not because we moved in). No, I rearranged the furniture in my office a bit. It's a very small office, and not much furniture, so we're talking about moving a small file cabinet to create more space on my desk, getting the cpu up off the floor so I don't have to get down on my hands and knees to plug in my flash drive, that sort of thing.

But apparently this has upset at least one insect living in the wall, whose "doorway" had previously been behind the file cabinet. No doubt this created a safe, comfortable zone, away from the prying eyes of humans who might be carrying poisons. I just returned from a short break out in the daylight, watching the fountain splash, to find a long-legged, centipede-y kind of bug (maybe an inch long) scurrying elegantly about the floor. If I could hear it speak, it would probably be saying, "Oh my, oh my! This is highly distressing!" (I don't know why, but it looked kinda classy, so I'm thinking it would talk like that.)

Of course you know I'm going to look it up this evening in my insect guide. Even though my skin is prickling a bit, and I've got my sandal-clad feet up off the floor just now. In case you thought I wasn't at all grossed out by the presence of insects. Maybe I'll find out it eats cockroach eggs, in which case I'll be thrilled to share my office with it.

Yes, this is a fairly decrepit building. It was built in 1962, in that nondescript, blocky sort of way. Ceiling tiles are missing or appear gnawed at here and there. It seems to have its original institutional linoleum floor. The elevator makes very scary noises, which is doing much to motivate me to use the stairs. For my fellow SU folks, yes, it is worse than our building there. Sorry.

The good news: we get a new building next year. So maybe the econ/poli sci departments' secretary won't have to sit in the hall. And there's less likely to be insect life sharing my office, at least right away...


aerobil said...

You can get a cord to plug into your usb that acts as an extension cord for your flash drive. That way you don't have to maneuver your self around on the floor just to plug it in. Look at me, giving you techno-advice. ha! Target has it. Go.

susansinclair said...

I am soooo impressed by tech expertise! I thought of doing that, but then I got cranky and thought, why should I have to BUY stuff for this gosh-darn computer! So, instead, I rearranged my office. Logical, huh?