Saturday, August 13, 2005


Here's the plan for the next few days:
1. Saturday: Pack and write.
2. Sunday: Pack and write. Write some more.
3. Monday: Fedex CD-rom of diss to advisor, withdraw chunk o' change from bank, drive to Jersey City for closing on condo. Return home, utterly exhausted.
4. Tuesday. Pack. Pack. PACK!!!
5. Wednesday morning. Movers arrive ca. 8am. Pack pack pack. Move move move.
6. Wednesday afternoon/evening. Arrive at condo and unload truck, barely making it under 5pm deadline. Unpack all that crap we've spent days packing.
7. Thursday. Sleep like the dead.

Not included on this list: Ms J's return trip to Bingo to close on old house. (susansinclair will beg off, promising to do something useful, like find bathroom supplies.)


Anonymous said...
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middlebrow said...

How goes the dissertation?