Friday, August 19, 2005

We're here!

We made it to beautiful Jersey City, and I write to you from the Journal Square area, high in the Gothic Towers. In today's headlines:
1. Susansinclair does a lousy job of estimating how much stuff needs to be moved. Fortunately, we had excellent movers who were able to adapt to my bad forecasting, and worked with remarkable speed. I don't think they'll mind if I tell you their name: Scanio Moving of NYC. They're great.
2. I sold my car at the last minute to some lovely folks we wish we'd met a year ago. Ain't it always the way?
3. Maddie the Wonder Dog is adapting admirably to urban living. We made our first of many, many, many daily walks to Lincoln Park. Maddie says it's just a bit too far from home, but I think we'll both be in better shape quite soon. She also likes riding in the elevator. However, she finds the noises of a large building confusing--who are these people in my house? And why aren't you alarmed, too?
4. Harley the Black Cat is adjusting fine, too. Give her some food, fresh running water (yes, running), and snuggles, *and* let her sleep on the bed--well, it's just heaven.
5. Rupert the Wimpy Boy is hiding in the bedroom closet. He says this is all very scary, and if he'd known last Sunday was going to be his Last Day Outside, he wouldn't have come home. He *did* emerge last night to have some kibble and try sleeping on another piece of furniture, but has returned now to his hidey hole.
6. Ms J returned to Bingo yesterday to close on the house, and is returning tonight. Which means I spent my second night here ALL ALONE. Which was okay.
7. The cable guys came this morning to hook up the tv and get me online. Which makes me happy.
8. I had another dream last night that I was in med school. Only it's more like I was making a movie about being in med school. We had to take elaborate tests that involved matching cards of buttons to a revolving rack. I didn't do so well.


senioritis said...

Totally exciting. You are definitely not in Kansas anymore.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear you are settling in well. And I am sure your MIA kitty will come around. I mean it is no outside, but all those windows should ease the blow.