Monday, August 08, 2005

Mother of All Yard Sales

So, we had a massive yard sale and sold oodles of stuff. So much stuff. It was highly educational, seeing all that unnecessary crap we'd accumulated over the years. Okay, let's be honest: quite a bit was stuff I'd accumulated. Projects I began and never finished. Or projects I bought the supplies for, and never even started. Live and learn. We also hauled two carloads of stuff to the Salvation Army. I hope they make lots of money off of us.

I did end up keeping a few items that didn't sell. In particular, I kept the Chinese brush calligraphy set, which I bought a few years ago after reading Lynda Barry's One Hundred Demons. I still think this would be a good activity. Whether I actually take it up or not in the next year, is another question entirely.

Maddie the Wonder Dog and Rupert the Wild Cat of the Backyard are starting to show some anxiety about the disappearing furniture and such. Harley the Mellow Lover Cat is either oblivious or just doesn't care what we do. As long as I continue to give her scritchers and the gravy from Rupert's canned food, she's happy. Well, she'd be happier if we let her drink out of the faucet all the time, but I get tired of black cat hair and dirty footprints all over the bathroom sink.

The Big Move will likely take place on August 16 or 17. I hate this uncertainty so close to the date, but that's what happens when one juggles multiple contracts/buyers/sellers/agents/lawyers/etc.

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senioritis said...

You've been on my mind a lot lately, as I think about your impending move. Thanks for this post! It answers questions about when, etc. Also makes me sympathetic with J; you and BP apparently have a lot in common as accumulators. It means your partners must love you abidingly :)

I'll check w/ you in a coupla years about your progress as a calligrapher :)